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Intelligent automation for asset management

Only Everysk integrates tailored automations with granular risk calculation. For asset managers, this means powerful insights from more data in less time. Asset managers choose from dozens of available digital robots, that can be connected to form automated workflows, each customizable for your specific investment strategies.

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Transform asset management through automation

Asset managers require a robust, automated investment process that ensures compliance regardless of market dynamics. Everysk’s automations have been uniquely tailored to the requirements of institutional asset managers. Our digital robots sift through thousands of data points, processed by our calculation engine to return powerful insights.

Information distilled by Everysk’s automated workforce is available for immediate analysis in our cutting-edge analytics portal, including customizable drag-and-drop templates for reports and battle-tested portfolio & risk management processes.

Share white-labeled custom reports with your clients, investment, and risk teams. Distribute reports automatically through secure links via email or messaging platforms with a set expiration for added security.

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Tailored workflows for asset managers

Everysk allows asset managers to get started with automation quickly, with dozens of workflows ready for immediate deployment. Here are just four examples – each with customizations for your use cases.

Pre-trade Compliance Workflow

Everysk streamlines the process of inserting intraday trades to portfolios and automatically tests any breaches before execution. Off-the-shelf robots can send trades to various OMS systems.

Bloomberg Data Parser Workflow

Providers like Bloomberg have powerful data at the ready, but integrating it into your workflow can seem impossible. Everysk’s automated investment workforce sifts through the information you need, distills it through our powerful calculation engine, and provides you with actionable insights.

Portfolio Risk Analytics Workflow

Today’s asset managers have plenty of historical data, but analyzing for risk requires powerful automations capable of data exploration and accurate analysis. Everysk’s Monte Carlo Risk Engine fully reprices each security capturing any non-linearities, providing asset managers with greater confidence in their scenarios.

Portfolio Merge Workflow

Most often, institutional asset managers do not hold all their securities with the same broker and/or custodian. Consolidating all the securities into a single portfolio can be challenging. But not with Everysk. Our powerful Portfolio Merge Workflow integrates with brokers and custodians globally and produces a single portfolio, providing asset managers with a holistic view of holdings for further processing.



7x more portfolios

  • Unable to process hundreds of portfolios for multiple business lines daily using 5 different providers
  • Everysk displaces all providers, aggregates processes, provides scale to grow
  • Portfolios processed increases from 200 to 1,500 daily

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