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Asset servicing doesn’t sleep. Neither do our workflows.

Everysk’s automation workflows facilitate the day-to-day management of investment portfolios and ensure compliance regulations are met every step of the way.

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Asset Servicing at the Speed of Automation

Today’s funds are more complex than ever before. New asset categories mean more opportunity, but they also mean more complexity. Everysk’s asset servicing automations and analytics are tailored for firms seeking maximum throughput and tight security, all while staying within regulatory compliance.

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Automations that enhance asset servicing

Everysk drives efficiencies, with dozens of out-of-the-box workflows for asset servicing like the four below. Best of all, each can be customized for your clients and use cases.

Trade Settlement Reconciliation Workflow

Facilitate swift and accurate trade settlement by automating the matching, confirmation, and settlement of securities transactions. This workflow enhances operational efficiency, reduces risk, and improves client satisfaction.

Corporate Actions Processor Workflow

Automatically monitor, process, and communicate corporate actions events, such as dividends, mergers, and stock splits, to clients. Reduce operational risk and ensure timely, accurate information delivery with this powerful workflow.

Fund Administration Assistant Workflow

Streamline fund administration tasks, such as risk management, NAV monitoring, and regulatory reporting, by automating data processing and generating accurate reports. This workflow improves efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Portfolio Compliance Workflow

Monitor client activities and transactions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, automating reporting and flagging potential issues. Everysk’s Compliance Guardian Workflow reduces the risk of non-compliance and simplifies management across jurisdictions.



3,000+ portfolios
processed daily

  • Legacy system constrained client from
    timely producing deliverables
  • Innovative technology needed to allow scale
    for growth of the business
  • After stringent review, Everysk was
    implemented ahead of scheduled deadlines

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