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DeFi “DeRisked”

Everysk’s automation workflows are tailored specifically for cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, and account for the unique characteristics of digital assets and the fast-paced, volatile nature of the crypto market. With Everysk’s crypto fund automation and analytics, DeFi is now “DeRisked”!

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Crypto’s potential unleashed with the power of automation

Crypto funds are exposed to unique risks, such as extreme price volatility, liquidity risks, counterparty risks, and smart contract vulnerabilities. Everysk’s crypto fund automation and analytics include advanced risk management tools that effectively address these specific risks.

With powerful APIs built to handle the nuances of on-chain transactions and smart contracts, Everysk’s automations excel, especially in environments with extreme price volatility, liquidity risks, and counterparty risks.

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Powerful workflows for today’s crypto funds

Everysk automations are uniquely built for decentralized asset categories. Here are just four workflows, purpose-built for crypto – ready for your customization.

On-Chain Data Insights Workflow

Crypto fund managers swiftly aggregate, process, and analyze on-chain data. This workflow provides actionable insights into market trends, network health, and asset-specific metrics and enhances trading strategies and supports informed investment decisions.

Intelligence Risk Workflow

Continuously monitor market and portfolio data, and identify and quantify risks specific to crypto funds, such as volatility, liquidity and counterparty exposure. This workflow enables proactive risk management and informed decision-making.

Counterparty Aggregator Workflow

This workflow efficiently aggregates data from multiple counterparties, providing managers and advisors with a truly holistic view. In a decentralized world, the fastest, most-secure aggregators of information win.

Smart Compliance Manager Workflow

Continuously monitor fund activities against internal risk limits, automate reporting, and flag potential issues with this workflow. Reduce your risk of non-compliance, simplify management across jurisdictions and adapt to new regulatory requirements.



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