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Automations that don’t sleep

Hedge fund managers require automations that are as relentless as the market. Everysk’s out-of-the-box workflows dynamically aggregate, calculate and analyze changing environments, increasing your edge and mitigating portfolio risk. Keep reading to learn more about Everysk for hedge fund automation and analytics.

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Tailored automations for today’s hedge funds

With an increase in asset types and strategies, the potential of hedge funds has never been greater. But more opportunity also means more complexity, so Everysk offers dozens of prebuilt workflows, each with powerful customizations to make them your own.

Automation + Analytics: Everysk’s powerful analytics engine is used by hedge fund managers for stress tests, risk calculations, and more – driving increased insights and value in a fraction of the time.

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Powerful workflows for hedge funds

Everysk offers dozens of out-of-the-box workflows for hedge funds. See four examples below of automations that drive performance, compliance and efficiencies. Tailor each for your specific use case.

Stress Test Workflow

Hedge funds thrive through bold moves and stringent decision-making. Everysk’s Stress Test workflows, predict likely results before it’s too late, mitigating your trading risk.

Trade Rules Workflow

In hedge funds, lost minutes can make the difference between a big win or a crushing loss. Everysk’s Trade Rules Workflow allows hedge fund managers to stage potential trades that fire the moment your scenario is actualized, keeping you one step ahead.

Monte Carlo Risk Workflow

Monte Carlo pricing is a powerful tool for asset managers handling complex instruments. Everysk’s Monte Carlo Risk workflow simulates thousands of forward-looking portfolio outcomes in seconds, giving asset managers greater confidence in their scenarios.

Alert Workflow

Focus on what you need to know by blocking out what you don’t. Schedule powerful automations that fire when needed and integrate with your current messaging platform or email, ensuring you never miss a critical trade.



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