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Everysk is a technology company specialized in automations for the financial sector. Our platform allows professionals with no coding experience to orchestrate sophisticated daily workflows. Our digital robots are tailored to risk management, performance allocation,  portfolio rebalancing, dashboards, alerts, pre-trade compliance, and many other financial applications. Everysk not only serves investors in traditional markets, but it is also used by leaders in the crypto industry that need to monitor their tokens’ financial performance alongside other more traditional types of assets. The following topics highlight some of the ways crypto investors are using Everysk.

, Everysk Brings Intelligent Automation to Crypto Portfolios

Aggregating wallets with traditional portfolios

For many investors across the crypto space there is no good solution for keeping track of multiple wallets alongside more traditional brokerage accounts. Everysk’s automated workflows can be used to pull holdings from different sources, aggregate the results, and run financial analysis on the total portfolio. No more keeping track of holdings in manual spreadsheets for tokens, pools, derivatives, stocks, bonds etc. Everysk is running automated daily reports so you know what you hold at any time and where it’s held.

Performance, Exposure and Risk

Everysk brings expertise in risk analytics and financial reporting to the crypto space. Clients are using Everysk’s reporting tools for daily dashboards as well as quarterly reports. Reports contain exposure levels broken out across various aggregation levels, performance of crypto assets and traditional assets combined into single portfolios, as well as monte carlo risk simulations to measure volatility, value at risk and stress scenarios. For example, see your exposures across tokens or wallets, combine your Defi portfolio’s performance with a traditional fixed income book, or see how certain hedge positions offset your overall portfolio’s market risk.

API integrations with Crypto Exchanges

Everysk has API connections to various crypto exchanges such as OKX as well as native parsers to brokerages such as Interactive Brokers, Credit Suisse, BTIG, Morgan Stanley and many others. Additionally, the Everysk framework is flexible enough to connect to any API, or work off SFTP / email transmissions to ingest data. If clients need to collect data from multiple sources, Everysk has the tools to bring it all together.

Pricing for hundreds of tokens, options and futures

Everysk has spot prices for over 600+ tokens natively in the system. Everysk pulls in market data from multiple vendors to get access to exchange listed options, futures, stocks, bonds, rates, etc. Everysk also has its own pricers for OTC crypto options and futures. The system can calibrate to client provided prices and accept client provided time series to model other private asset types or market signals.

Pool Look Through

Everysk has digital robots that are custom built for pulling the holdings of pools. Clients are using this functionality to store results down in the Everysk system so that the history of pool constituents and their levels can be accessed going back through time. This is useful for running historical analysis and plotting exposures and risk over time. As with all data run through Everysk, it can be stored transiently and deleted once reports are run, or saved in the system for record keeping and historic reporting.

Please reach out to if you would like to learn more about our automations and/or our offerings for crypto portfolio managers.

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