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Everysk Deploys OpenFin Robot for Intelligent Automation

NEW YORK / LONDON / HONG KONG — Everysk Technologies, Inc., an intelligent automation platform specializing in no-code, low-code workflows, today announced its launch on OpenFin, the unified workspace for enterprise productivity. 

 Everysk unveiled its first set of OpenFin robots which solve complex calculations while delivering business critical insights directly into client workflows, saving customers up to a 90% time reduction and significantly reducing operational risk.

Asset managers, hedge funds and wealth managers will benefit from robust, repeatable processes with insights delivered directly to their employees’ workflows in order to save time and money and to avoid costly errors. Clients will now be able to build complex workflows for pre-trade compliance, as well as utilize Everysk’s powerful calculation engine to build robust portfolio analytics at scale. Clients save weeks of development time with Everysk’s transparent and flexible no-code workflows and intuitive robots catered to financial markets empower clients to drag, drop and create complex workflows in hours.

“OpenFin is thrilled to welcome Everysk to the OpenFin Ecosystem! Their powerful data consolidation and intelligent automation at scale bring unique value to our platform users. We are excited to further enhance enterprise productivity across asset managers, hedge funds, and wealth management through their intelligent automation solution,” said Vicky Sanders, Chief Digital Officer, OpenFin. 

With the first-of-their-kind OpenFin robots, Everysk extends its presence from the browser to the desktop. A Workspace Native app, Everysk leverages OpenFin’s Browser and Notification Center to more easily and effectively surface data, reports and next best actions to users who can route and review compliance breaches and exceptions.

“OpenFin is the type of partner Everysk is ideally suited for,” said Phil Davis, Head of Sales & Marketing, Everysk.  “Through their extensive ecosystem, OpenFin’s users have access to an unprecedented variety of industry solutions. Using OpenFin’s technology, Everysk’s refined data insights are now available within client workflows for greater productivity gains.”

About Everysk
Everysk is an intelligent automation & analytics provider offering no-code, low-code workflows for trading solutions. Its innovative platform allows financial institutions to quickly and easily create and deploy custom workflows that extend the functionality of their trading systems without the need for extensive development efforts. Everysk’s solutions are designed to be flexible, efficient, and customizable, helping firms meet their unique requirements with ease.

About OpenFin
Move Fast. Break Nothing. OpenFin, A Unified Workspace for Enterprise Productivity, enabling app distribution, workspace management and workflow automation. OpenFin OS currently runs at more than 3,800 banks and buy-side firms with thousands of internal apps and apps from the global vendor community. OpenFin investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Barclays, In-Q-Tel, CME Ventures, CTC Venture Capital, DRW Venture Capital, HSBC, ING Ventures, J.P. Morgan, NYCA Partners, Pivot Investment Partners, Standard Chartered and Wells Fargo Strategic Capital among others. The company is based in New York with an office in London and presence in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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