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With multiple stakeholders in a trade approval workflow, the process can be manual and burdensome with approval delays causing missed trading opportunities.

Everysk’s trade approval automation workflow streamlines this process based on defined required steps and passes approved trades to stage within your existing order management system for execution.

This trade approval automation workflows is built from pre-defined robots that perform specific tasks related to portfolio management and passes data between them to form customized, automated workflows designed to alleviate all operational burdens typical of internal trading processes.

Explore each step of this workflow below.

Trade Approval Automation, Trade Approval Automation
  • Trade Capture Robot

    The Trade Capture Robot listens for live trades from a blotter and injects relevant information into the workflow. This data may include details such as the time a transaction was made, the quantity, the price, the asset, and whether it was a purchase or sale. Choose from any of hundreds of available fields or create your own.

  • Report Generation Robot

    The Report Generator Robot generates custom-designed reports based on templates using portfolios, datastores, analytics and user data to produce a pre/post-trade analysis of the proposed trades.

  • Email Approval Robot

    The Email Approval Robot sends buttons via email to “Approve Trades” or “Reject Trades” to predetermined users as well as a dynamic report breaking down the potential impacts of staged trades on the current portfolio.

  • Wait For Approval

    The workflow will pause and wait for the user to select “Approve” or “Reject” for the proposed trades. Once an option is selected, the workflow will continue down the relevant branch to stage approved trades or reject unapproved trades.

  • Trade Staging Robot

    Next, the Trade Staging Robot passes trades and relevant portfolio data to an order management system to be staged for execution. Everysk integrates with a variety of API-based OMS, including those listed on our Partners page.

  • Trade Confirmation Robot

    Next, the Trade Confirmation Robot sends an email to stakeholders confirming the trades have been staged on the OMS for execution.

  • Microsoft Teams Confirmation

    A trade confirmation notification is sent to a specific Microsoft Teams channel which includes a secure link to a report detailing the trades and their potential impact on the target portfolio.

Trade Approval Automation Benefits

Trade Approval Automation, Trade Approval Automation


reduction in trade approval timeline
Trade Approval Automation, Trade Approval Automation


manual errors prevented
Trade Approval Automation, Trade Approval Automation


of all approvals auditable