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Where Granular Insights Fuel Holistic Perspective

Everysk is a data refinery: We produce high-value-added portfolio data and calculations that can be used in reports, alerts, and compliance checks. With intelligent automation for capital markets, you’ll receive the information you need in the format you desire, precisely when you need it.

With portfolio data stored across different brokers, admins, trading platforms, and other systems, aggregating all your portfolio data for a holistic view can be a challenging, time-consuming daily process.

Everysk’s portfolio aggregation workflow streamlines this process based to pull your positions from various sources, parse, clean, and log a consistent set of portfolio holdings daily, completely automatically.

Aggregate Portfolio Data, Aggregate Portfolio Data Workflow

Comprehensive Review

Aggregate Portfolio Data Workflow

These portfolio aggregation workflows are built from pre-defined robots that perform specific tasks related to portfolio management and pass data between them to form customized, automated workflows designed to alleviate all operational burdens typical of portfolio management processes.

Data Integration Robot

The Data Integration Robots listen for position data from external sources via API, SFTP, Email attachment, or database. Once the portfolio data is received, the workflow is triggered and portfolio data is passed to the subsequent robots for processing.

Data Parser Robot

Portfolio data is parsed from various formats to a golden copy of one format across all portfolios to be stored in Everysk. Data formats such as price, dates, and tickers are cleaned and appropriate data field headers are identified and matched.

Data Quality Alert Robot

If there are errors or data missing from the integration robots that cause an error in the data parsing, alerts are sent with specific messages of what data is inconsistent or missing to be immediately remediated.

Create Portfolios Robot

With the cleaned portfolio data, individual portfolios are created within Everysk, enhanced with additional market data, and mapped to appropriate analytics engine models.

Create Datastore Robot

Portfolio holdings data, market data, analytics, and custom labels are all saved in individual daily datastores for data exploration and can even be viewed across various historical time periods for trend analysis.

Workflow Completion Alert

Alert is sent via Email, Microsoft Teams or API that the workflow has successfully completed and the portfolio data has been aggregated, cleaned, tagged, and saved within Everysk for further use.

Key Data Exploration Benefits

Aggregate Portfolio Data, Aggregate Portfolio Data Workflow


reduction in data aggregation time
Aggregate Portfolio Data, Aggregate Portfolio Data Workflow


manual errors prevented
Aggregate Portfolio Data, Aggregate Portfolio Data Workflow


of all positions checked

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