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Manage clients, not spreadsheets

Whether you’re a private banker, advisor, or trust officer, today’s top wealth management firms require automation and analytics that deliver efficiencies and insights at every turn. Everysk delivers with powerful out-of-the-box workflows that can be tailored for your clientele.

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Automations for Wealth Managers of Every Type

Today’s wealth managers have more data than ever, but keeping up with it has never been more challenging. The Everysk platform comes pre-built with dozens of digital workflows to automate your portfolio data according to your specific criteria.

With a digital workforce that’s armed with your investment strategy, you’re able to focus on clients and strategy and leave the execution to our powerful automation and analytics platform.

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Out-of-the-box workflows for wealth managers

With Everysk, wealth managers start with dozens of workflows. Best of all, each is easily tailored to your needs. Here are four examples of automations used by wealth managers to support their clients.

Portfolio Optimizer Workflow

When onboarding new clients, you must align their portfolio with your strategy. Everysk’s Portfolio Optimizer swiftly surfaces opportunities for improvement.

Client Proposal Workflow

The best new clients come from powerful proposals. Everysk helps by providing wealth managers with proposals that are built to scale, analyzing potential trades across thousands of clients in seconds.

Investment Guidelines Workflow

Today’s wealth managers have an impressive array of investments at their disposal. But this means it’s critical to ensure your trades follow established guidelines. Everysk’s Investment Guidelines Workflow sets you up for success by ensuring trades are within your own parameters, providing you with both confidence and compliance.

Portfolio Performance Workflow

With so many clients and so many assets, gaining a swift understanding of wins and losses can be difficult, if not impossible. But for Everysk customers using our Portfolio Performance Workflow, it’s simply another automation; a powerful one that surfaces up areas for improvement while showcasing the best moves you’ve made.



10x their distribution

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  • 1,000’s of portfolio analytics daily, efficient
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