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Everysk Brings Traditional Capital Markets Expertise and Automation Technology to Crypto Portfolios

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Analytics for Every kind of Multi-asset portfolio risk

Everysk’s powerful risk calculation engine can simulate thousands of forward-looking portfolio outcomes in seconds. Monte Carlo repricing accounts for nonlinear behavior with calculations that are transitive and reliably capture how risks propagate across each security in times of market stress

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Flexible, Interactive Reporting

Fund managers require a robust, repeatable risk process in place – and Everysk provides dozens of drag and drop templates for reports and battle-tested risk management processes.

Share white labeled custom dashboards and reports to your clients, risk team, or investment committee. Distribute reports automatically or manually through email and secure links set to expire for added security.

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Client Rebalancing

Rebalance client portfolios in a fully automated fashion. Use off-the-shelf robots and a sophisticated optimizer with cardinal constraints.

Client Proposals

Test and produce client proposals that are compliant with your local regulations, all in seconds.

Data Analysis

Monitor historical datastores for all your clients and use our trend analysis  robots to detect z-score anomalies .

Pre-trade Checks

Automate trade ideas and test for compliance to model portfolios and other regulatory requirements. Let our robots take care of everything.



10x their distribution

  • Leading wealth firm partnered with distributor, required technology to scale and meet demand
  • 1,000’s of portfolio analytics daily, efficient
    proposal generation set up within weeks
  • Everysk enabled growth for assets,
    clients, and portfolios

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