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Intelligent automation tailor-made for Enfusion

Funds have complex workflows that require flexibility and customization to meet their needs. Everysk provides no code workflows that extend Enfusion’s functionalities.

These powerful workflows enable funds to customize their trading process on Enfusion without the need for custom development.

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

See Everysk for Enfusion


Tailored automations for Enfusion clients

Enfusion clients can deploy customized, workflows, tailored for their specific strategy, without the need to code, enabling faster deployment, instant insights, actionable responses, and full transparency into their investment processes throughout the day.

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Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

Workflows that save time & drive insights

Everysk Intelligent Automation comes “out of the box” with more than a hundred digital robots, each tasked with a distinct function, tailored for capital markets. Enfusion clients drag and drop these robots to build custom no-code, low-code workflows in minutes, including the one below.

Each workflow is fully customizable, according to the specific needs of your fund.

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion
  • Portfolio Retriever

    Every 15 minutes, portfolio data is updated from Enfusion.

  • Check Limits

    Positions are checked for various breaches (ex. Exposure by Industry < 30%).

  • Trade Tagging

    Trades are tagged as “Compliant” or “Non-Compliant”.

  • Enfusion Output

    Trades are pushed to the client’s Enfusion workspace to be staged with the relevant information included.

  • Email Alert

    All “Non-Compliant” trades are put into an emailed report  and sent to the appropriate client contact to alert them or ask approval.

  • Report Generator

    In parallel, custom reports are generated and stored within Everysk Platform.

  • Microsoft Teams Notification

    A link to the reports is sent to the client via their Microsoft Teams channel.

Proven intelligent automation for Enfusion

Already, Enfusion clients are maximizing their technology ROI by building custom workflows within Everysk that drive performance, compliance and efficiencies. Keep reading to see examples of Everysk workflows deployed specifically for Enfusion clients.

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

Trader Away Status

When a trader is away from their desk, they can turn on an Everysk workflow that re-routes incoming trades from portfolio managers to an external trading desk for execution.

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

Order Tagging Workflow

Everysk listens for trades staged on Enfusion trade blotter to push them through a custom compliance workflow and pushes the trades back to Enfusion with specific data and labels from the compliance check (ex. Long/Short).

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

Redemptions & Subscriptions

Everysk pulls the portfolio and security values from Enfusion and calculates the prorated amount of each security equivalent to an anticipated redemption/subscription amount. The difference between the current portfolio and new portfolio are the necessary trades which are pushed to Enfusion.

Everysk for Enfusion, Everysk for Enfusion

Trade Model Allocation

Funds provide trade signals as workflow inputs, Everysk calculates the shares required to bring each portfolio back in line with their model, and then submits the trades to a pre-trade compliance workflow for risk and staging with Enfusion.

FAQ About Everysk for Enfusion

Workflow Customization & Integration

Can we send trades for approval via Email?

  • Yes! Every client has unique approval processes and for many, custom Emails containing trade approval buttons are included.

Can I customize my trading workflow?

  • Customization is key to Everysk workflows. Clients may configure workflows according to their unique requirements using our simple no-code workflow builder.

Can you send alerts to Microsoft Teams, Slack or Email from trade blotter?

  • Absolutely. Alerts and notifications are available for Teams, Slack, or email. Each may be customized according to your specific parameters.

Do we have an automatic re-routing feature for when traders are away?

  • Certainly. You don’t want to miss a trade when someone is away from their terminal. Everysk’s automatic re-routing workflow turns on with the click of a button and automatically sends orders to third-party execution services, ensuring trades are executed quickly.

Do you have an API so we can add in data from other platforms?

  • Everysk’s powerful open API allows Enfusion clients to leverage information from other subscription products. Read our full API documentation here.

Reporting & Analytics

Can we design custom reports on portfolios?

  • Yes. Your strategies have unique, specific requests and many of the workflows you’ll find within Everysk were built for robust report compilation.

Can you automate the generation of tearsheets and monthly reports?

  • Absolutely. Once a report has been configured within Everysk, it can be scheduled to rerun as often as necessary.

Can you produce holistic, traffic light reports for all our funds?

  • Everysk was built for scalability, which means you may require simple visualizations with key insights. With Everysk, you’re able to easily fulfill this request.

Can you calculate VaR and other analytics on futures and derivatives?

  • Yes! Yes! Everysk’s risk calculations use Monte Carlo simulations with full repricing models to deliver accurate risk metrics on futures, options, and more.

Can you measure liquidity of portfolios vs. projected redemptions and automate warnings when shortfalls develop?

  • Yes! Understanding potential funding shortfalls before they occur is critical. Everysk’s customizable alert system notifies your team when potential shortfalls are identified for remediation.

Trade Aggregation & Data Management

Can we aggregate portfolio data from multiple sources?

  • Yes. Everysk datastores aggregate and normalize you provide from as many sources as you have.

Can we aggregate multiple trades on the same position into one order?

  • Absolutely. Everysk’s intelligent automations are designed for peak efficiency, consolidating multiple steps into as few as possible.

Can we add custom data as tags to trades?

  • Your fund has unique needs. Everysk’s custom tagging allows you to swiftly parse data and add custom labels according to what you and your teams need.

Advanced Automation & Support

Can you handle large-scale operations with thousands of trades or portfolios per day?

  • Absolutely. While all automations build some level of efficiency, workflows that leverage parallelism deploy multiple robots and processes concurrently, rather than sequentially. In doing so, these workflows see significant improvements in efficiency, processing times, and overall system throughout.

Do you provide engineering support with your technology?

  • Absolutely. Everysk offers a knowledge support desk and robust API documentation. Beyond this, we recognize the need to support clients according to their specific needs and Everysk offers engineering support to ensure the swift and efficient onboarding and integration with the Enfusion platform and other systems.

Compliance & Regulation

Can you help automate trade fraud detection workflows?

  • Certainly. Many clients enhance their security by building unique workflows specifically designed for trade fraud detection.

What is your security policy?

  • Everysk Technologies Inc. is built using the most reliable and secure infrastructure on the web. View our security policy here.