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Everysk Brings Traditional Capital Markets Expertise and Automation Technology to Crypto Portfolios

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Establish robust and repeatable investment processes.

Increase your firm’s productivity by fully-automating daily tasks like distributing reports, importing positions from brokers, mapping and normalizing positions, calculating risk, storing spreadsheets, generating graphs, and distributing reports.

You may also create triggered workflows and timely alerts based on market conditions and asset risk.

50+ digital workers ready to maximize efficiency

Everysk provides off-the-shelf financial robots to perform data exploration, risk calculations, report generation and distribution and much more.

Each workflow starts with a special robot called “Starter”. This robot invokes the workflow at a specific hour of the day, at set time intervals, by an API call or a file transferred via sFTp to name a few.


No need to know
a Database

Portfolio Analytics Data from our calculation engine can be combined with your own data. Workflows can leverage this data for monitoring, alerts, and reporting.


Flexible Custom Reporting
& Interactive Dashboards

Everysk offers ready-to-use visualizations covering all aspects of portfolio analytics, and makes it easy to assemble and share your own custom interactive dashboards and reports via a drag and drop interface.

Connect and visualize your broker & third-party data & positions in minutes

Everything in one place – an organized repository of all your information

Slice and dice your portfolio with aggregations, filters, and custom tags

Create custom reports with an intuitive drag & drop interface

Securely share encrypted reports via emailed links (with optional expiry & 2FA)

Distribute reports in seconds-  and get analytics on report consumption

Analytics for Every kind of Multi-asset portfolio risk

Everysk’s powerful risk calculation engine can simulate thousands of forward-looking portfolio outcomes in seconds. Monte Carlo repricing accounts for nonlinear behavior with calculations that are transitive and reliably capture how risks propagate across each security in times of market stress


More features to save your time


More Context and Smart Warnings for Your Interactive Dashboards

Risk managers working 24/7

Diversification, liquidity, factors, exposures and currency risks

Point in time (POT) alerts and trends over time with z-score


Workflows for Developers

Control Workflows and call the calculation engine

Create your own robots in Python or Javascript

Inject your custom indices and securities

Aggregate and retrieve data

Learn everything about

the automation platform