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As we gear up for the end of the year, the Everysk team is working on several exciting products and tools that will help you boost your portfolio insights and operational efficiency. Below you can find recent news and some of the new features we’ve recently launched on our platform.

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New Features and Enhancements!

Machine Learning Analysis: We use ML to create clusters (based on market similarities) so you can compare your current portfolio’s properties vs your historical portfolios in similar market conditions. Is your risk higher or lower than it was in other “flights to quality”?

Report Template Library: We’ve provided our users with a library of preset report templates for different use cases and strategies that they can edit and make their own. View Everysk’s Report Library.

Historical Data Exploration: Gain more insights by exploring historical portfolio analytics. Aggregate, Filter, Slice your historical portfolio data to make it work for you and find new valuable trends.

Personal Workspaces: Use multiple custom workspaces to organize different types of reports and portfolios and grant access to colleagues. Examples: Research, Production, Risk Team, What If Analysis…

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How smaller asset managers can get that golden ticket

Everysk Technologies Founder and CEO Allan Brik looks back on his days as a hedge fund CRO for lessons on how today’s managers can overcome their obstacles to raise assets and control risk.


AlphaTech Event

Agenda and Registration.

Join us at AlphaTech Upfronts on 12/1 to discuss innovative technology for investment managers with our CEO Allan Brik.

AlphaTech Upfronts



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About Everysk Technologies, Inc.
Everysk is an investment technology company that specializes in generating automated reports which help portfolio managers quickly model the risk and outcomes for a variety of trading scenarios; build robust, customized reports; and receive timely alerts when a portfolio’s risk deviates from given ranges.  The platform has been designed from the ground up for efficiency, ease of use, and flexibility. Founded in 2016, Everysk’s clients include global hedge funds, CTAs, family offices, brokerages, online portfolio platforms, and sophisticated wealth managers.

With a team built from market leading hedge funds and analytics providers, Everysk has a deep knowledge of capital markets securities and extensive experience building commercial grade technology. Founding executives have designed institutional portfolio systems to control/monitor $14 billion invested in hedge funds, and traded and managed the risk of fixed income, currency, and commodity portfolios at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

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